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Intuit QuickBooks Accountant- Run your business with Accountant-Focused software.  

QuickBooks Premier 2015

Experience our best ever desktop accounting solution designed exclusively
for accountants. Client Collaborator saves you time by tracking client 
conversations inside QuickBooks. Accountant Toolbox improves 
productivity by giving you access to accountant features from your client's QuickBooks.
Unlock access to powerful accountant tools on the go from wherever you are:
  • A client's office
  • A remote access situation
  • A hosted set up
Use the toolbox directly from your client's QuickBooks Pro or Premier software7 to:
  • Write off multiple invoices in one screen
  • Batch enter and reclassify transactions
  • Fix incorrectly recorded sales tax payments





              Accountant Toolbox


             Portable Company File




Work while clients work 2 Files at Once 8 QuickBooks in 1
Accountant's Copy lets your client work
on the current period while you adjust
a prior period, all at the same time
With Multi-Instance you can work on multiple
files, compare relevant accounts and easily
switch back and forth between clients.
Harness the power of 8 QuickBooks editions
in one master program and easily collaborate
with any client running any QuickBooks.






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QuickBooks Accountant 2015 Reinstall CD

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